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Win your life back via optimising your mental health

Hello my name is Steven Walpole.


I work as a mental health program facilitator supporting teenage and adult  clients struggling with stress, anxiety and or depressed states.

When we encounter high levels of stress, anxiety and or depressed states, they are not a sign we are broken. Not at all. These experiences are simply letting us know it is time to take our mental health seriously. We might be stressed because of work, We might be concerned about a relationship or a non secure future and we feel overwhelmed and or depressed. There are many mental health triggers that can sometimes be obvious and sometimes not at all. Sometimes we just feel depressed and dont know why. Sometimes we have just had enough of the old way we have lived and we finally realise it is time to prioritise our mental health.

Mental health can initially appear a mystery and that is because so many of us have been lead to believe that the primary cause of depression is genetic. Yet only 2 of the 9 causes of depression are genetic. The other 7 are social and psychological.

"We were never designed for the sedentary, indoor, sleep deprived, socially isolated, fast food laden, frenetic pace of life"  Dr Stepehn Ilardi, PHD.

My training is in Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy but my specialisation is facilitating Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC). TLC is an insightful and powerful 12 week program structured by Dr Stephen Ilardi, Clinical Psychologist. This program gives us the best opportunity to reduce stress, anxiety and or depressed states and start living an 'engaging life'.

As at 2019, the TLC program is still the most successful program for reducing depressed and or anxious states. 12 weeks is a small amount of time to achieve results such as 75% of clients reducing their depressed and or anxious states by minimum 50%..........In comparison only 25% of people on a combination of anti depressants / talk therapy reduced their depressed / anxious states by 50%. That makes the TLC program 3 TIMES more effective and critical to changing your well being.

With the TLC program working in compliment with your regular Psychologist, Counsellor and or Doctor, then you are truly making sure your support/therapy is in alignment with effective mental health change. * (See Dr Stephen Ilardi's research for more information). You will have a team supporting you, giving you the best opportunity to bust through old habits, old patterns and start truly living again.

I subscribe to a very simple formula when helping a client with their well being / mental health and that is :

"the therapy, the support and action always needs to be in alignment with the severity of suffering".

If states of depression and or anxiety and or stress are affecting our work, relationships, friendships, self esteem, sex life and or hope for a compelling future, then it is time to match the frequency of mental health support required. Delaying almost always makes things worse. We don't lose weight by eating one healthy meal a week and similarly our mental health strategy requires more then one session per week if we truly want to break through.

"As humans we have an amazing capacity to underestimate what support structure needs to be in place when making effective mental health change"

Initially we might be hopeful that seeing a Doctor, Psychologist or Counsellor for a few visits may be the answer to reducing depressed or anxious states. Sometimes clients / patients have success via support and or helping modify their behaviours. BUT, if you have been experiencing prolonged anxiety and depressed states then the therapy and support will almost always need to be more then a one hour visit weekly. A one hour visit is rarely in alignment with effective and or sustainable mental health change that is required to reduce anxious and or depressed states.

"Increasing the engaging activities back into our life over a 12 week period is a critical 'level jump' to mental health"

My passion is to work together with your Counsellor, Psychologist and or GP, so we can super charge the support needed and get you back on track.

The 12 week program is a referral only service. You will need to be referred by a GP Doctor, Psychologist, Counsellor or a client who has gone through the program.

The TLC program is $77 per week for 12 weeks. Total Cost is $924. No surprises no hidden catches.

My commitment is to make sure this is the best investment you have ever made in your mental health and you start living an "engaging life" !!!