Client Testimonials

Below are testimonials from people that have worked with Steve. 

Steve changed my life. I have overcome anxiety that was controlling my life.  I feel that my true self and happiness is back for good.  At the start of the program I had moments of fear that my anxiety would come back, but I learned to take control and I am doing really well.


I have overcome social phobia that was caused by anxiety and I now enjoy making commitments like daily training sessions and I enjoy having spontaneous conversations with whomever is around. I don't have the relentless and constant chatter in my head anymore. Through Steve's experience and advice he also helped me to overcome digestive problems by giving me simple suggestions that could improve my digestion. 


My story is similar many others... I have been carrying my childhood traumas with me and it was affecting my relationship with myself and others around me. 


I'm in my 30's now and life was getting harder and harder. My marriage was failing, I had social phobia that made me isolate myself from others and I was battling with my running business. 


At my break point, I was so desperate that I did something I that I was really uncomfortable with. I called a man to help me with my embarrassing troubles and that man's name is, Steve Walpole. 


The 30-day program is the most valuable thing I have ever done in my life. Steve’s experience as a businessman, keen sports enthusiast, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist is invaluable.


Do it! Steve is committed, compassionate and an endless source of positivity and strength. His hypnotherapy skills are top notch and he does not quit (even when you are tempted to). 


Steve offers an extremely skillful and supportive presence as a therapist. As his client for multiple sessions, I really appreciated the high-level of commitment and focus Steve had in helping me recognise and let go of old patterns and behaviours that were no longer serving me.  I found it very easy to trust Steve and the sessions were very beneficial. I highly recommend Steve to anyone who wants to actually see some positive changes in their lives. 

Laura Shaw

In preparation for my first telephone session, Steve sent me five questions that really challenged me to sit and think what I really wanted for my life now, and into the future. His telephone sessions are so encouraging and thought provoking, and I can feel just how enthusiastic Steve is for me to achieve. After only one session with Steve, I had signed up for my first half-marathon and am currently in training for it. This is after many, many years of wanting to do one. Steve creates the perfect environment for discussion and ideas to flow. I highly recommend this programme for anyone who wants to find their flow state. Thank you Steve! 


I would recommend Steve to anyone that wants to take control of their life experience and regain purpose. Having a person to be accountable makes all the difference in the world. I have been self employed for 20 years but can safely say that working with Steve has given me focus that has been missing for the past couple of years. I can't recommend this enough to anyone reading this. yes that's you! :)

If you can accept that you need help to get to the next level - Steve is your guy. I love it and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. But then again I'm a big fan of finding the path of least resistance - having the support from Steve been invaluable. Just go for it! 

The sessions and overall interaction with Steve has been extremely beneficial. Having someone to be accountable has helped me step up my game to the next level. I love the idea of accomplishing something significant within 30 days. On my first 30 day program, I lost 20 pounds to get in shape for an earth ship construction course in New Mexico. Through my training I was able to keep up with 30 year olds to do very physically demanding work. As a 43 yr old man - I was pretty stoked by that. 

Lastly Steve is professional, yet challenging me to reach further than I would on my own. I wasn't sure what to expect from the hypnotherapy sessions but I was pleasantly surprised by how casual and relaxing they were. They also seemed to flip a switch in me that helped me focus on my objective. Overall very impressed and I now really look forward to video online hypnosis sessions.

Brad Smith

Pure, devoted, and full of compassion…Steve is not just any conventional therapist you might know of. He is the MOST caring and loving therapist I have ever known, who is like a True Friend. Steve holds an open space for you to take a gentle and profound journey into self-inquiry, finding who you are and what needs to be here in service of your being. I feel so grateful for all the unconditional love and support from all my sessions with Steve. Thank you for guiding my way ‘home’ to find joy and peace in my being!

Nancy Chen

Steve is a genuinely caring, altruistic human being who loves to help people be the best version of themselves.

Steve's philosophy of holding people accountable by focusing on measurable, achievable outcomes is key.

Having attended monthly psychology sessions for the past four years for anxiety and depression, I gained insight into myself. However, I never felt that I improved.


On the other hand, I do feel myself 'slowly' improving as a result of Steve's two x pw sessions. He provides pearls of wisdom which I find myself repeating internally during the week as well as setting measurable activities to increase my 'flow state' which are slowly developing into habits...and forming new and positive habits is very exciting for me as I have tried and yet failed to form habits in the past.

Tamara Maffi


It has been our great pleasure to have known Steve for many years as a neighbour, parent, soccer coach, snow boarding partner and good friend amongst many other things. He is a man filled with infectious youthful enthusiasm when it comes to working with young people and they are always the richer for having interacted with Steve.

Dan Lewis and Brenda Cunningham-Lewis




I am writing in support of Steve Walpole, whom I have known for the past 10 years as a coach of basketball and football within our Co-Curricular Sports Program at Blue Mountains Grammar School.  

Proactive in nature, Steve is an excellent coach - self-confident, dedicated, positive, persistent, collaborative and highly competent. He is a good listener and a strong and effective communicator, with an excellent understanding of team sports and performance management. Steve has a keen sense of humour and enjoys a laugh with his players. He is able to navigate all the aspects associated with coaching in a school environment, respond to its demands and carefully implement his coaching and managerial duties. Steve understands the needs of the players as well as parents and staff and that his role of coach demands the partnership and cooperation of all three groups to accomplish the School’s goals.

In his coaching, Steve has repeatedly shown a high level of skill with very careful attention to the organisation of instructional procedures. These serve to motivate and maintain student attention and improve their skills. His coaching activities are well balanced, logically sequenced and presented with genuine enthusiasm that encourages participation from his players. There is a determination and purpose to his coaching sessions. Steve maintains a high level of awareness of new coaching techniques, particularly in the areas of basketball and football. His meticulous attention to detail assists with the smooth running of these activities.

Most importantly, Steve relates exceptionally well to the players and they respond with enjoyment and cooperation. His manner with the students is firm, friendly and interested. He values them as people and in turn they greatly respect and admire him. Steve’s ability to build rapport with the players positively enhances each child’s experience and self-esteem, thereby encouraging them to reach their potential. His teams consistently achieve well.  

Amongst the staff and parents at Blue Mountains Grammar School, Steve is known for his relaxed, friendly and enthusiastic manner, his willingness to work hard as a sports coach, and for his dedicated support of the Parents and Friends Association. His obliging manner and his loyalty are further evidence of a high degree of professionalism.

Steve has a passion for engaging, inspiring and supporting youth and I am pleased to give my strong support to any coaching activity that he might undertake in the future.


Trevor Barman

Principal Blue Mountains Grammar School

July 2018

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve as coach of our girls Firsts Football team for a couple of years now. His passion and knowledge of the game is entirely evident in his approach to training and games. Steve seeks to engage with his players not only as a coach, but also as a mentor. Often, he will use the activities in his sessions to build both game skills and life skills for his players, inspiring the girls to be better versions of themselves, both on and off the field. Steve is understanding of the challenges that the girls face as they navigate through high school and is able to relate well with them.”

Lauren Wade

PE teacher / Girls Football Coordinator 

Blue Mountains Grammar School

I first met Steve through our daughters being close friends at pre school. Steve has coached my two daughters in football in primary and high school for club and school football. He is currently coaching the firsts football team at BMGS.

Their team has always been the envy of other teams, male or female, not only due to their successes, but because of their coach, Steve Walpole.

Steve is a patient, positive, inspiring coach with boundless energy. He endeavours to get the best out of each and every player by building their confidence and ability. His ethos can be used on and off the field. Steve’s positive outlook and energy are infectious and he relates really well to youth and young adults. You definitely want Steve on your team!

Joanne Lucas

“I first became aware of Steve’s skills with young people when he coached our daughter’s soccer and basketball teams.   I’m impressed with Steve’s respectful interactions with team members, both as members of a group and individually.  His efforts to understand each young person’s abilities made our daughter’s time in these teams enjoyable because of his guidance.  Steve gives his best each day to make sure that our young people get more out of theirs.”

Andrew Simpson

I have known Steve for more than ten years and during that time I have found him to be a person of many fine qualities.  They include honesty, reliability, integrity, positivity, knowledgeability, punctuality, all with a fun loving nature, a real sense of community spirit, while putting other people first.


This latter quality has seen Steve pursue a list of volunteering activities.  While all of us seem to be time poor in this world, Steve has found the time and dedication to avail himself to  Lifeline counselling, volunteering as a Board member at Leura Golf Club, and having a large impact as a coach on a lot of children's sporting careers, particularly basketball and soccer.  


With respect to soccer, I first got to know Steve when he was coaching Under 6’s at Wentworth Falls Football Club.  Steve coached my daughter for a number of years and I was always amazed by his dedication to duty, resulting in him becoming a qualified soccer coach.  His training drills for the kids were very professional, and come game day he was always encouraging the girls, his comments always positive, never negative.  He certainly got the best out of the team.  The kids respected Steve and always wanted to do their best for him.


This dedication typifies Steve, who has a real boots and all positive approach to life. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Steve to anyone seeking a person with that something extra.

Martin Monks

Steve Walpole turned up at Wentworth Falls Soccer Club wanting to assist with the coaching of a team. Steve at the time did not have children old enough to be playing and just wanted to be involved with the sport.  When he arrived at training there was an immediate change in attitude of the team that my son Marshall was playing in.  Steve never had a negative word to say about the team or the players.  This was a breath of fresh air, as football players have no trouble finding someone to tell them what they are doing wrong.  Steve’s positive attitude flowed into the team and the club helping to support the people within the club trying to promote a healthy approach to football.  Steve assisted with the coaching of our team and the next season took on a team of his own, he took them to the Grand Final, and the winning goal was scored by a player who had probably never been anyone’s first choice for striker.  Fourteen years later I still see Steve’s positive attitude to people shine through each time we meet.


Jim McGee