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Let's do this.

Lets do this !

Please email to arrange a suitable time for the 'discovery meeting'. I am generally in meetings most days, hence email being the best way to make initial contact. I check my emails twice a day, every day and will get back to you within 24hrs.

The "Discovery Meeting" provides us both with an opportunity to get know each other and review next steps. If you can please allow between 30-60mins for the meeting. This provides enough time to answer all your questions, while reviewing the 12 week program in detail and making sure it meets your needs. The Discovery meeting is $99.

The Program is a group structure with up to 12 other people and it is run conveniently in the evenings after work hours. There are two programs held weekly. One in the Sydney CBD and also one held weekly in the the upper Blue Mountains for those living out of town.

The program is designed to work in tandem with your individual therapist / psychologist/counsellor sessions. Working together with your 'therapist' provides you with a much greater opportunity to reduce stress, anxiety and or depressed states via increased support. Working as a team also provides you with a greater opportunity to make habit, an antidepressant lifestyle and interrupt past patterns of stress, anxiety and or depressed states.

If an emergency, please call my mobile 0403.042.999.

Living in the 21st Century, I have found more an more clients are happier to save time and simply use online Skype, FaceTime, Zoom etc via video call for the 'Discovery Meeting'. This has become my preference also for our first meeting.

I also look forward to being part of the team that helps you effectively reduce stress, anxiety, depressed states........... and most importantly helps you win back your life !!!

Regards, Steve :)