About me

Who is Steven Walpole?

What contributes to an effective professional therapist/counsellor ?

  • Qualifications are important.

  • Client experience is important.

  • Life’s experience is massively important.

  • Trust is important.

But most of all a “commitment” to making sure a client has the best researched and best program to OPTIMISE Mental Health.


Building a program, that therapy program, that provides the best opportunity to achieve a breakthrough and start living an engaging life.

So where does my commitment to see things through come from?

I’m not 100% sure but I know it is a combination of many layers. So I’m happy to share more about me, my layers, so you can gain a greater sense of who I am. I think this is important to share given you are going to trust and share so much about you.

All about Steven


Born in the mid 1970s regional Australia.


I was adopted.


I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers.


I grew up just inland from the northern beaches, Sydney.


I had a very happy child hood filled with love, fun, mischief, a local national park and lots and lots of sports.


I have been fortunate to have a great relationship with my birth parents and adopted parents.

My father’s friends were generally fairly successful medium size business owners, in Australia and overseas. I was fascinated by business at a young age. Mum and Dad had experienced small businesses and corporate life, which was very insightful for me.

I consumed books, encyclopaedias, Time magazines, National Geographics and anything at the local library.

I worked hard part time from 13 years of age at factories and Woolworths while at school and during my school holidays.

After high school, I worked for an insurance / fund manager while studying and had the good fortune of being asked to move into 5 departments in 5 years which matched my enthusiasm to explore and understand business. My final role was being second to a Change Management consultancy firm as one of only two employees from my corporation to implement with the consultancy a change management program. This experience illuminated my understanding of corporate world at such a young age. Invaluable at 23 years old!

I married in my mid 20s to a lovely, kind lady.

We had one daughter who was born in 2001. Mia is an amazing young lady who I am very proud of.

I always had an interest in helping others so I started to do Lifeline counselling as a service to the community in my mid 20s.

We as a family moved to the Blue Mountains to explore living outside of Sydney at the end of 2003 and never came back. This move ensured we could job share and have lots of time being high connection parents and a high connection couple.

Moving out of Sydney CBD created an opportunity to be non-dependant on the city for income and we formalised a few national companies so we could live anywhere in Australia if need be.

Over time we sold these companies which gave some nice time out to explore life without financial pressure.

I also had a spectacular business failure in the digital media sector choosing the wrong industry among other errors. Thank goodness I did because I learnt so much and gained so much feedback on what works and what is fairy dust lol!

Above all, I learnt there is only feedback, never failure. Why? Because no matter how low you go, how dark you feel, there is still always hope, opportunity is just around the corner. Moments away if you are honest with what fell before you and what you can build up again on solid foundations.

Although I had been interested and practicing in meditation, yoga and reading neuroscience for over 20 years, it took until my early 40s to formalise further studies to start being a holistic counselling therapist/coach.

I had 18 wonderful years together with my ex wife but we decided to seperate and start a new chapter. We are still great friends and care for each other’s wellbeing and happiness. We still continue nurturing our daughter with equal commitment and all 3 of us have grown and been better for the experience.

Over my life time I have been fortunate to travel to many countries and experience so many cultures around the word.

I still actively ski, snowboard, swim, hike, mountain bike, SUP, workout, yoga, meditate, walk my dog Charlie each day, and have in my opinion mastered many sports to an above average level. This has been through dedicated practice and research to understand the often counter intuitive movements of sport and life. I love the challenge of new sports and ironically the formula for mastery in most sports, and life is very similar.

As a kid I always wanted to be a sports coach. Over the last 25 years I have coached local and representative sports.

Sports coaching is a gift. I have been blessed with the trust and opportunity to help children, teenagers and adults “level jump” - find new levels of ability, achievement and confidence. No matter what is happening in the life of an athlete or a team member, if school or work sucks, you can still be a lighthouse for that training session. You as the coach can create an escape from the reality and provide an engaging, challenging and motivating environment. That is a privilege, an honour and such a special interaction to see people evolve in their abilities and simply smile :)

If life stopped right now, I can hand on heart say I have had such a fortunate life. My experiences and enthusiasm for life has been so enriching.

To progress to being a professional therapist is certainly my calling. Being able to help people get exactly what they want and being in their corner to make this happen, is an absolute honour.

Steven Walpole’s qualifications as a Counsellor, Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist:

  • Certified Lifeline Counsellor

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis

  • Life Coach

  • Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists

  • Member American Board of Hypnotherapy

If your committed, I’m certainly committed. 

If you are ready, I’m definitely ready.

Let’s get started today, one step at a time!!